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A25 Between Godston and Bletchingley


Personal Experience


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About 26 years ago my mate and I were walking back from Bletchingley to Godstone (Surrey), we were both about 17 or 18 years old at the time. It was late, around midnight, but it was a very light night, not a cloud in the sky and plenty of moonlight. Approximately 1/2 way into our journey, I saw the figure of a tall lady wearing white, she was about 10 metres to my right, hovering about 4 feet off of the ground. Her clothing was more like a shroud, it was over her head like a scarf, and long down to her ankles like a dress. She was so vivid, I can picture her now. It was the most eeriest experience of my life. I could feel a shiver run down my spine and the hairs standing up on the back of my neck. I just kept thinking to myself, ghosts can't hurt me, ghosts can't hurt me. I wanted to be sure I wasn't seeing things, so I didn't tell my mate, I waited for him to say something - He said 'Can you see what I can see' I nodded my head, I then knew I wasn't seeing things. My mates legs went to jelly and he got behind and grabbed hold of me, I could feel him shaking. We walked up that road pretty damn quick, looking back at her as we went.

I am still friendly with my mate after all these years, but he never talks about our ghostly experience.

For me, ever since that time I have believed in ghosts, though I have never seen one since. What we saw was so vivid it was truly amazing. I have since read that a lot of ghosts are seen hovering in the air, this is because they are in their own time zone but often the ground has changed or sunk over the years.


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