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South Yorkshire


Visual Sensed Object Movement
Mulitple Hauntings

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This is a very, very old farm house that is now getting turned into flats and at night the security men who all (apparently)have nerves of steel were scared to death when a man and a women where seen working across the grounds and then dissapperd into thin air.Things left by the workers and items moved out of the house where moved and lost and taken back to there origenal places.Cubberds are slamd time and time again in peoples view and now most workers refuse to go on to the site or check the grounds in there car instead of on foot and never go into the house.Orbs are allso present and can be seen.

Is this the spirits desperet attampt to save there once owned house or have thay simply been disterbed and are making there presence known.Who knows.But whatever there plan its working


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