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Neath Port Talbot


August 2003

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Our house was once part of an old Iron works. It was the managers home, pay office and shops it was built in 1840 was at one time a church and a school. My son first saw a figure in his bedroom at first he didn't think it was a ghost, he thought somone had come into his room. This figure has also been seen by his girlfriend. I have not actually seen this myself but have felt it or felt I was not alone on a few occasions. Once I was in the bath and I'd been in there about 10mins, the water was far to hot and instead of running some cold I waited for my body to get used to the temp. I often do that. I was lying back in the bath I felt hot and I knew my face was red because I could feel it burning.The bathroom was hot and steamy there were no windows open and obviously the door was closed. All of a sudden it was like someone had blown in my face or flapped a book or somthing in frount of me, I felt a rush of air and actually felt the sides of my hair lift off my face.Loads more has happened I could probably fill a few pages. The other most significant thing with my son, he  went upstairs to the bathroom and the door was shut which is unusual, if there is no-one in there we leave the door open. he tried the door a few times and it was locked, he came downstairs to my husband who then went up to look and the door opened first time.

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