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The Crown Pub


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The crown pub was built in the mid 18th century. I have sensed this ghost on many occasions, and i spoke withe the landlady who confirmed that she has seen a ghost, it is a male wearing a linen shirt, i said that he looked like a highway man, I decided to find more out about this ghost.  In a book a friend of mine had there is an article about the Chequers pub which is about 1/2 a mile from the crown, that pub is haunted by the ghost of Dick Turpin who used to lodge there and house his horse. There is a secret tunnel that used to connect the Chequers with the Crown pub and also the local school which has now been demolished. when i presented my research to the landlady at the crown she was surprised as she didn't know that there was a tunnel, but said that it could explain why her 2 alsation dogs would not go into the cellars. I am now liasing with the landlady and also the Kent Paranormal group to hold an investigation there.



Barming, Maidstone

St. Margaret’s Church

November 2001

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A friend and I used to sit in this old churchyard in the evenings, talking about the kind of day we'd had etc...

We always wanted to go in, but I never felt quite brave enough to do it.

One evening we gained the courage to do so, and my friend, my Mum and I all went in for a walk around the graveyard.

Mum and I walked to the first corner of the church and at stopped at the exact same time and both said we didn't want to go any further!  We both felt a negative presence around us, so we left.For a week or so, strange things happened.  Lights blew (about 3 in one week) the hoover broke down, 3 cd players broke down, the tv would go on and off by itself, my light would dim....

A while later, my friend and I went back and sat in the car, further away than normal, facing the church.

We both looked round to a light shining in the road.... No cars coming... No moon shining....

We decided to leave as it felt a little 'strange' again.

He began to drive off VERY slowly and I said 'I think there is someone here who wishes for us to leave'  He agreed... and at that moment, the car spun 180 degrees and faced us toward the exit!!

We didn't go back for some time!!

We have had experiences here on a few occasions, but I have never known of anyone else to go there and the libraries do not have any information on the site (other than advertisments for events)!

Wierd huh?!!


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