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Greater Manchester


Pendlebury Hall

Between June and August 2003

Personal Experience

Visual Sensed Object Movement
Auditory Olfactory Mulitple Hauntings

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Pendlebury Hall was originally an orphanage built around 1840 (Sir Ralph Pendlebury was the original owner) It has also been a red cross hospital during the 1914-1919 war.

I worked nights between last June to august 2003 and during that time I saw and heard a lot of things.

I have seen the resident ghost of the one armed soldier on many an occasion, he dresses mostly all in black, very shiny shoes, tunic with silver buttons and red lined black cape.

The white lady who glides down the main staircase, children, a monk, a lady in pink who disappeared through a wall, doors opening and closing.

I have heard whistling, children singing, a mimic calling your name, a passed resident walking through the corridors in the dead of night with a zimmerframe, a male choir singing, banging on windows upstairs from the outside, lights going on and off, blue flashes, and orbs.


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