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Greater London

Caesars Night Club

August 2003

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I went to caesers night club on aug 2003 at a most haunted team answers and questions night , and with derek achorah.there was around 150 forum members.after the event was over and all the public had left, we the forum members set about our main business of the night, to investigate the night club.we all went are seperate ways, I went with one other person, upstairs above the balcony, the lights had been turned off, and only the exit lights above the doors were on.as myself and my friend were walking along the back of the balcony we were talking, and I was filmimg with my camcorder, but could not see anything, but hoped something might show up later.my friend then walked on ahead of me,i walked in the pitch black still trying to film something, when suddenly, I came across a doorway where a women was stood on her own, I spoke to her and asked what she was doing there, she said 'sshh there's people down there' I said 'what' she said 'there is people down there doing a sceance' I said sorry and walked on. I caught up with my friend, but for some reason never said anything about the women I saw and spoke to. The ivestigation ended and we all went home,i got home exhausted from no sleep at all that night, so I went straight to bed, I slept for 15 hours. When I woke up, it suddenly hit me, I was in a very fearfull state at what I saw, I tried to brush it off, but it would not leave me, so I rang my friend and asked her if she had seen anyone in the doorway, she said 100% no, and as she had gone on before me, she thought she would have seen or heardsomething first, so I then posted several postings on our forum asking anyone if it was them in the doorway that had frightened me, no one came forward.

I still could not get the incedent out of my head,and it was now really worrying me and upsetting me as I tried to piece everything together to try and rationalize it, but could not. I came up with several questions unanswered.

1. Why did I see the women and no one else.

2. Why was it light enough for me to see her full face and the top of the stairs, where she was standing.

3. Why was she stood there on her own, and not with anyone else.

4. Why were people holding a sceance in a kitchen. Because I have been back to caesers since, and that women was stood at the top of some stairs which led down into the kitchens. She had short blonde hair, and slim, but i'can't recall what she wore.

5. Why did I not tell anyone else about what I saw.

6. Why did I wake up after 15 hrs sleep, and that was the first thing I thought of, and it felt very very weird, and frightened me.

Who did I see, was it Ruth Ellis? The last women in Britain to be hanged, she is reported to visit ceasers regularly, and used to work there. I have her voice on tape, but not her visually as when she frightened me I put the camcorder down, it was on a strap around my neck, so it was still on, hence just the voices.


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