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31st October 1988

Personal Experience

Auditory Sensed

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Some friends and I had read Harry Price's book The Most Haunted House in Britain. We decided that we would drive to Suffolk and explore the grounds and try and spend the night on ghost watching vigil.

By the time we got to vaguely the right location we were pretty wound up and excitable.

As you can imagine we were not the only people out trying to find it that night and our spirits were dampened by the joining of a convoy of cars trying to find the site.

On arriving at Borley church we discovered a Police presence that made us realise that our plan had been thwarted.

Luckily this effected all the other 'hunters' and we soon found ourselves on our own. As the driver, and the car being fairly old I took the bold step of aiming my car at a gap in the hedge and drove up into a field. After getting our bearings we found we were in the field directly behind the church.

We drove as close as we could making sure that we kept away from anything that looked deep or sticky and parked up for the night.

After an hour or so one of my friends needed to relieve himself and so got out of the car. We watched him walk about 20 yards away and then crouch down.

After about ten minutes the two of us that remained started hearing noises. At first they were undecipherable but we soon realised that it was the sound of someone shuffling up towards the car.

Both of us decided that it was our friend trying to creep round the car and scare us. At this point we heard the steps approaching the drivers door and so we both got ready to burst out of the door and put the scare back on him.

It was at this point that our friend suddenly stood up in the same spot he had crouched down in 20 yards in the other direction. Panic ensued as the car was hastily started and our friend ran to join us.

This happened at about 1.30am on the 1st November when talking about it afterwards our friend who was out of the car said that there were no noises at all that he could hear. Infact he felt that the night was oddly silent and still. The two of us who were in the car are convinced that the noises were real and that they were definately shuffled footsteps.

On returning since, we realise we were the wrong side of the church to be close to where the Rectory was but we were within 200 yds of the church and burial grounds.


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