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Blandford Forum

The Crown Hotel

October 2003

Personal Experience

Multiple Hauntings Sensed

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Room 26 of the Crown Hotel in Blandford Forum.

As part of an investigation into the reported hauntings at the Crown Hotel we stayed the night, splitting our time between the 4 supposedly most active rooms.

The only room that affected me was 26. There was a definite sense of depression in the room, said to be the site of a suicide, and even with the heating off once we were in there it was extremely warm.

Sat on the bed with the lights on we were unusually subdued, then with the lights off the room took on a decidely stifling feeling and the depressive sense was much much stronger.

It was only a short time before we felt we had to put the lights back on and the feelings subsided somewhat.

Whilst we were sat there quietly, I could feel some sort of presence, not sure how or why, just a knowing there was something there. After a little while I started to feel like crying - something very unusual for me to be sure (big strong lad, emotions held in chains of iron and all that lol) - these feelings lasted for a few minutes whilst I said in my mind 'I feel your pain, it's ok, we understand' and other such things, then the feelings subsided and were replaced, not by happiness exactly, but more of an acceptance!!

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